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The Travel Almanac Spring/Summer 2022

The Travel Almanac Spring/Summer 2022


Our guests this time round include musical prodigy Grimes in conversation with TTA family member and acclaimed songwriter Eartheater, who discuss heavenly bodies, the impacts of their alignments and the mutual evolution of technology and human consciousness. A studio visit brings us close to groundbreaking artist and fashion designer Samuel Ross, as we retrace his influential upbringing between the UK and the Caribbean islands of Barbados and Saint Vincent. Iconic model Kaia Gerber describes her earliest travel memories and how they’ve recently led her on a journey towards acting. Inspiring artist Diedrick Brackens considers the meaning that different sources of water impart on his masterful weavings, while visionary photographer Elizaveta Porodina takes us through the looking glass in an enchanting photoshoot with celebrated model Georgia Palmer. Superstar architect Francis Kéré, 2022
laureate and first Black and African recipient of the prestigious Pritzker Prize, contends the importance of education in creating united visions at the heart of modern cities. And last but by no means least, legendary Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei reflects on everything from his personal struggle with political persecution and the current crisis of war in Ukraine, to the importance of walking, details and language.