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ORIENTEER Magazine issue 8 ORIENTEER Magazine issue 8 ORIENTEER Magazine issue 8 ORIENTEER Magazine issue 8 ORIENTEER Magazine issue 8

ORIENTEER Magazine issue 8


Since its inception, Orienteer has taken the print format of an old OS map. moving in a progressive direction, the mapazine has transformed into a 240-page print magazine. The term deimatic behaviour refers to the patterns of bluffing that an animal can display in defence. This feat of nature is seen across all forms of wildlife, especially butterflies, moths and small creatures like birds and insects.

For cover 1 of 4, we delved into the underground running scene of Cani-X, shot along the infamous Ridgeway that spans just shy of 90 miles from Avebury up through the Wessex Downs & the Chiltern Hills, ending at Ivinghoe Beacon just north of London. Historically the Ridgeway goes back to Anglo-Saxon times; its meaning refers to the tracks that run along the high ridges & hills.

Cover 2 of 4, ‘The only thing guaranteed in life is death’, took Orienteer Mapazine to the mountainous region of Michoacan in Mexico. Much like the olden days of photojournalism and venturing into the unknown, there’s no precedent for what might be captured & no expectations. In nature, nothing is guaranteed, except death.

Since turning pro for @satisfyrunning, we have been keeping a close eye on Stian Dhl and his impressive work on the trails & competitions. We travelled to Oslo to meet him in his backyard, and then caught up with him just after the Black Canyons 100k race to speak about all things trail & gear. Stian makes cover 3 of 4. In Stian’s words: “Running on trails can heal the rift between human experience and the natural world.” It was a pleasure to work with you Stian and we would like to thank the Satisfy team for their support

LVMH semi-finalist Johanna Parv has positioned herself in a unique section of fashion, right in the middle of sportswear & high-end function. Cover 4 of 4 Johanna Parv dissects the practicality of femininity with Jacob Negushill The editorial feature is inspired by the 90’s messenger styles of New York, London & other metropolis cities and puts Johanna’s garments in a new context. Still focusing on strong female attitude, her designs are synonymous with rush hour cycles. When you get to the office or workplace, highly attentive modularity allows the wearer to keep the same outfit but style it in a completely different way.