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Amagazine Curated by...ERDEM Amagazine Curated by...ERDEM

Amagazine Curated by...ERDEM

A Magazine Curated By Erdem is a cross[1]cultural, time-travelling exploration of Erdem's diverse range of sociological and aesthetic references that centres on the disruptive figures of crucial periods in our collective history. Throughout the issue, game-changing figures from gender-bending Edwardian aristocrats to creative wunderkinds like Virginia Woolf, Patrick Procktor, Cindy Sherman, Marlene Dietrich and Derek Jarman meet the gaze of contemporary image-makers from across the globe including new commissions by Ethan James Green with Dara Photography by Ethan James Green Allen, Campbell Addy with Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, William Waterworth with Amanda Harlech, and Trinity Ellis with that Ola-Oluwa Ebiti.