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Holiday 385 – Dreaming Capri

Holiday 385 – Dreaming Capri


Holiday Magazine Issue 385 is devoted to Capri and Environs. The cover of this issue is a montage of Kendall Jenner.

Also featuring: Ragazzi e Ragazze di Capri by Bruce Weber, L’Avventura di Lola by Angelo Pennetta, Empire of the Sea by Eddie Wrey, American actress Marisa Berenson in Capri, September 1968, photographed by Slim Aarons, Scene at the beach in Capri; Photograph by Ferdinando Scianna.

And: Carla Bruni, interviewed by Arthur Cerf: ‘My character is very Italian. How do I explain that? I guess I’m extroverted and approachable. That’s how I’d describe the Italian character. I don’t know if I’d describe it as sunny, but I’d say there’s a kind of gaiety.’